Ruffinatti IM30


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Ruffinatti IM30 Hydraulic Kneading Machine. It kneads and cools single batches of sugar. These may be automatically loaded onto its working surface by the EIM30 lifting device (optional). The working surface consists of a cooled rotating table on which the sugar mass is kneaded hydraulically by two opposed blades, which are also cooled. They fold and crush the sugar mass as the table makes a regular 90-degree turn. The kneading cycle runs for 3 to 5 min/batch depending on the temperature of the cooling water & the weight of the batch. After kneading & cooling, the sugar mass is completely free of air bubbles.

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Stock Number24152
UsageFor kneading boiled sugar.
Capacity25 to 50 kg per batch.
Machine dimension350x140x200 cm.