Candy Cooker and Mixer


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Multi-functional Machine that can be used in

·        Cooking Soft Candy with gas heating

·        Or Mixing the toffee and nougat at room temperature with nuts and peanuts without crushing them.


·       The variable speed controller for mixing might be appropriate for various types of cooking.

·       This machine has a temperature controller to meet cooking needs.

·       It is very sturdy and low-maintenance equipment.

·       With the bowl's manual 90° rotating tilt and the stirrer's movable axis, cleaning is convenient.

·       It reduces the area needed in your factory

·       Our Nougat Cooker and Mixer will save a ton of labor and time.


UsageCooking or mixing soft candy especially toffee, nougat, and soft chews
HeatingGas Heating
Full Capacity150L
MaterialFully made of stainless steel SS304
Stirrer Speed30 rpm
Motor power3 hp