Ter Braak Preswhip Air Pressure Whisk


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Preswhip Air pressure whisks

For manual semi-automatic and/or fully automatic operation.

The Ter Braak 'Preswhip' is robustly built for heavy-duty and long life. The capacity (6-10b Batches per hour ) has been designed to match the capacity of the latest high-speed wrapping machines for the production of flavored nougat and aerated chewy sweets.

By working under controlled conditions the microcellular structure is more even in size and dispersion providing uniformity of texture.

The optional cooking unit can be programmed to charge the raw materials, evaporate to a predetermined adjustable temperature, and discharge the syrup in the correct

sequence. The unit is designed to run with the minimum operator attention providing a saving in labor over traditional methods.

The residual pressure can be used to discharge the prepared mass over a comparatively long distance.

All controls are neatly housed in a special panel for easy access. Where possible, stainless steel is used in the construction offering an easy clean and hygienic appearance.

Made in Holland

*The data about this machine is based on the manufacturer's catalog and might be subject to some alterations.


ManufacturerTer Braak
Stock Number24105
Outputup to 500kg/hr
Composed Ofan automatic batch cooking and aerating machine and two tanks
Usagefor the production of flavored nougat and aerated chewy sweets, and other aerated products such as frappe, marshmallows, and centers for 'Count Lines' which are later extruded or rolled.
Main drive motor12/4HP (2 speeds)
Power consumption22,5 kVA
Air consumption1200 liters per batch
Minimum air pressure6 atms = 90 psi
Water consumption (vacuum pump)20 liters/min