HEBENSTREIT Film Wafer Spreading Machine


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Film Spreading Machine WZTD

High-capacity spreading device for the film method of completely automated cream application. Using the film method, the film knife takes the cream film from the spreading roller and transfers it gently onto the wafer sheet.

Spreader head versions are available for cream, chocolate, caramel, or jam.

Stacking Station

The completely innovative high-capacity stacking station guarantees extremely gentle handling of the wafer sheets due to its smooth method of operation during the stacking procedure. The wafer sheets are supported over the entire width, – a considerable advantage, particularly when processing delicate wafer sheets with a thick layer of cream. Any number of wafer sheets per wafer sandwich can be selected.


The wafer sheets to be creamed are passed, without gaps in between, under the spreader head and are continuously creamed by the film method; if required, they are then stacked, and a cover sheet is applied on top to form a sandwich.

Spreading machines are based on a modular design. Combination with an additional spreader head, a second stacking station, or, e.g. a sprinkling device for putting on chopped nuts enables many different products to be manufactured depending on the extra features installed.

*The data about this machine is according to the manufacturer's catalogue and can be subject to some alterations


Stock Number23355
Spreading MethodFilm
Outputup to 120 wafer sheets per minute
Spreading Widthup to 1,000 mm
Date of Manufacturing2003
Built inGermany