Hutt Bepex Hosokawa Extruder


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Hutt Bepex Hosokawa Sheeter/extruder model FP200-800LA with 780mm wide rolls

Driven plastic calibration roller

The Bepex-Hutt Formpresses are of approved and robust design, and reliable in operation. Even at high speed and high output, they operate precisely and with low tolerances.


With Bepex-Hutt Formpresses almost any confectionery can be


Fudge, toffee, soft caramel, fruit caramel, peppermint toffees

Aerated nougat, nougat Montélimar, torrone masses, aerated sugar masses of all kinds - with or without admixtures Soft croquant, coconut masses, Marzipan and persipan of all kinds

Peanut brittle, hard croquant, sesame masses, etc.

Working Method

The material to be processed is fed to the hoppers in suitable homogeneous consistency. This applies to all Formpresses. The special rollers draw the mass in and convey it either under pressure or without pressure through the corresponding strand nozzle or slab nozzle, etc.

The forming speed is infinitely adjustable.

Due to its special construction, the Extruder can be installed at any position of the transport belt. This also allows to set up several Formpresses in row. The standard drive gears are laid

out for high load, e.g. extrusion of solid blocks in cold condition.

When processing soft masses or low capacities, a drive unit in bridge-type construction can be chosen to replace the standard drive.


ManufacturerHutt Bepex Hosokawa
ModelFP 200-800 LA
Stock Number23321
Rolls780mm wide rolls