Sottoriva Pastry Grinding Machine


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The Sottoriva Pastry Grinding Machine or Cylinder was designed to be particularly sturdy and easy to handle.

It is equipped with 2 very hard porphyry rollers 300 mm wide, which open and close simply by adjusting the handwheels on the sides.

It is equipped with a hopper of considerable capacity in stainless steel as well as a collecting bowl of approximately 37x50.

The working process consists of pressing and trailing the product through the rollers.

  • Painted steel structure
  • Gears in oil bath
  • Porphyry rollers, adjusted
  • Adjustable opening rollers through a knob on the side of the machine
  • The hopper and collecting bowl are manufactured in stainless steel


Stock Number24001
Usagesuitable for grinding of almonds, hazelnuts, chocolate.
Number of Rollers2 Granite Rollers
Dimensions of RollersØ 140 mm X 300mm wide
Motor power1.47 kw