Hamac Hansella 160A


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Universal Forming Machine Type 160 A

This Hamac-Hansella machine produces continuously large quantities of completely seamless tablets or sweets, whether highly filled or solid.

The perfect uniformity of the tablets guarantees faultless wrapping on modern packaging machines, especially since neither seams nor pips handicap the full utilization of the packaging machine at top speed.

The Uniplast is equipped with a three-speed motor, and the gears can be changed easily by a switch.

If the Uniplast machine is fed by a Center Filling Machine Type 27 with Batch Former Type 19 and Rope Sizer Type 65, automatic production is achieved. "those are separate machines and not included in the offer of the Hamac Hansella 160 A"

The change of dies Is eased by using the Die Carrier Truck, supplied with the


"The information above is based on the manufacturer's catalog and might be subject to some alterations."


ManufacturerHamac Hansella
Model160 A
Stock Number23312
OutputApprox. 500 kgs per hour for a 5g piece
UsageSuitable for forming Candy whether they are filled or solid.