Pactec Nagema Lollipop Twist-on-top Wrapping Machine


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Pactec Nagema ball lollipop twist-on top wrapping machine

is suitable for wrapping lollipops with up to 200 pieces per minute.


  1. Equipped with a hot air blower for excellent sealing to ensure longer product durability.
  2. Equipped with 'No Sweet, No Paper’ system to avoid any wrapper material wastage
  3. The control panel comes fitted with an AC frequency drive.
  4. Low maintenance due to oil bath lubrication
  5. Consistent heat sealing ensures longer durability of products.
  6. Conveyor discharge belt.

Packaging Material:

Continuous printed cellophane, wax paper, PVC, PP, HM & BOPP


ManufacturerPactec Nagema
Stock Number23315
Capacity200 pcs/min
Product Diameter17mm up to 35mm
Wrapping Styletwist-on top