GD 2500


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GD2500 chocolate wrapping machine

The GD 2500 is one of the most widely used chocolate wrapping machines in the world. More than 1000 G.D 2500 are in production in more than 70 countries, "based on the manufacturer's data sheet."

It provides the best wrapping results with chocolate-covered products.

All wrapping operations are operator-visible.

According to the wrapping style, the 2500 can handle cellophane, PVC, suitable polypropylene, etc.

A vast array of products can be handled.

Product Range:

  1. Hard and Filled Sweets
  2. Chewy Sweets
  3. Deposited Products
  4. chocolate or chocolate-covered products

Wrapping Module:

Double twist:

  1. ball-shaped
  2. cylindrical shaped
  3. flat-bottom

"as shown in the pictures."

Check the manufacturer's data sheet for more info.

"The information above is based on the manufacturer's catalog and might be subject to some alterations."


Outputup to 200 pcs/min. depending on pcs size.
Wrapping Module: Double twist: ball-shaped ,cylindrical shaped, flat-bottom