WLS KM4 Extruder


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The WLS extruder type KM4 is decent for gum and soft candy manufacturing, whether they are solid or center-filled, round or flat rope.

The extrusion head can be equipped with nozzles for ropes, profiles, or sheets with adjustable thickness

However, as shown in the images, a center-fill round rope head is set in place.

Technical Data:

Equipped with two easily interchangeable extrusion screws.

The extrusion diameter of each screw is 10 cm

Two feeding drums are driven separately by motor speed control via a separate inverter

Main motor: 7,5 kw

A delta inverter is installed

Heat Control and Features:

The extruder chamber is double jacketed with a water pump to circulate water inside, along with a heating water device and a water valve opening to permit entering cool water when needed.

The whole system is equipped with a heat temperature controller.


Stock Number23303
CapacityDepends on product shape and size of rope about 500 kg/hr.
UsageFor gum or soft candy |solid or center-filled, round or flat rope|
Extrusion diameter of each screw10 cm
# of screws2
Main motor7,5 kw