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This biscuit processing machine encompasses different units that result in the formation of a biscuit sandwich. You prepare the cream for the sandwiches in the creaming section, where you mix the ingredients.

The sandwiches are counted automatically after being filled with cream. It is suitable for dry biscuits as well. The quantities of sandwiches or groups of dry biscuits can be set in the PLC; a level conveyor catches these groups of sandwiches or dry biscuits and then discharges them to the conveyor of the on-edge packaging machine.


Stock NumberF061
UsageFor manufacturing biscuit sandwiches with cream filling, for both hard and soft biscuits.
OutputCream sandwich quantities can vary from 4-20PCS freely
SpeedHigh packaging speed: from 40-100packes/min. after Synchronized.
AdvantageFewer workers are required for operations from cream filling to packaging, cost lower of biscuits productions.
Dual applications:Automatic dry biscuits and sandwich packaging.
Servo motor driveUse eight servo motor for the biscuit sandwich machine and packing line
Electricity boxSeparating the electricity box from the sandwich machine. Free to move and easy to maintain.
Cream tank Capacitywe have two capacity for you choose, 30L or 70L.
Cream HopperEvery cream hopper has an independent motor and reducer.
More featuresSeparating cream holding tank and feeding system
MaterialStainless steel for machine frame and food contact parts.