Franz Haas Wafer Book Cooler


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This wafer book cooler is used to cool the cream between the wafer books before they enter the cutting machine.

The cooling unit is a refrigeration system designed for continuous-duty cycle work.


  1. stainless steel casing
  2.  The gear motor drives the chain carrying the wafer book compartments
  3.  cooling by heat exchangers and fans inside the cooling tower and cooling
  4. compressor outside
  5.  controlled cooling air temperature inside the tower
  6.  easy access to the interior through side doors


Number of pairs of pressure plates (350x500mm, - 11.13/16"x19.11/16"): 80

of which those gripping numbers: 58

All information is based on the manufacturer's brochure and may be subject to modifications depending on the machine


ManufacturerFranz Haas
Stock NumberL241
Capacity/hour (approx.) for 5-layer blocks (pcs.)600
Cooling Lime in min 5-7
Cooling units1
Dimensions: LxWxH3280 (10'9") x 1300 (4'3") x 2800 (9'2")
Weight (approx.) in kg (lbs)Net: 2850 (6300)