Franz HAAS 48 Wafer Production line


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A complete HAAS wafer production line consisting of an oven, arch cooler, cream spreader, and book cooler

Consists of:

  1. Wafer sheet oven Manufactured by HAAS Model SWAK 48 gas-fired oven wafer sheet size 46cm x 29cm
  2. FRANZ HAAS Wafer arch cooler
  3. FRANZ HAAS Automatic Spreader: For spreading cream onto the wafer sheets, which are built by gravity stacking.
  4. FRANZ HAAS Book Cooler: efficiently cools wafer books using pre-cooled tongs on an endless chain in minimum space.
  5. Wafer Cutter: that can be set to the size you desire

Our premium flat wafer baking oven, the Haas SWAK 48, is built for maximum flat wafer production. It is made to be reliable and durable


ManufacturerFranz Haas
ModelSWAK 48
Stock NumberN130/ L241/ 23370
Wafer Sheet Size46cm x 29cm
Capacity24-30 sheet/min
Made inAustria