Latini Type C


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1) Up to 225 finished pops per minute In one continuous rotary operation, the Latini continuous die pop and wrapping machine feeds, sizes, cuts, forms, inserts sticks, wraps, and ejects finished pops.

2) The machine is fully automatic when used with an automatic batch roller, allowing a single operator to operate two machines, filled with sticks and wrapped with cellophane.

3) The machine is equipped with individual dies—held by just two hold-down screws—inserted in a master plate, allowing for easy removal and customization of size and weight without changing dies, ensuring versatile pops production.

4) Automatic wrapping is a crucial feature in the machine, ensuring pops are wrapped at the same rate of production and crimped under controlled heat and pressure.

5) Then the Cutter slices popS into individual packages or desired-length strips

6)  LONG-LASTING Trouble-free operation is assured through the use of the finest ball bearings and other quality components throughout.  The motor is 1 HP. constant speed, and is provided with variable speed control.


ModelType C
Stock NumberF0001
OutputUp to 225 finished pops per minute