Baker Perkins Microfilm Cooker


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The 138 ‘Microfilm’ vacuum cooker is suitable for all types of high boilings and can also be used for low boilings. The scraped film principle in these cookers allows for rapid cooking, minimal process inversion, and safe handling of milk-containing confectionery without burning risks or frequent cleaning.

The plant starts with a free-standing stainless steel reservoir for dissolved syrup.

This has a total capacity of 150 liters and is fitted with inlet filters.

The syrup is pumped from the holding tank into the cooker by an infinitely variable syrup feed pump, which has a manually adjusted throughput control.

The principal component of this machine is the ‘Microfilm’ rotor assembly. The 138 ‘Microfilm’ is fitted with a size 20 rotor

The rotor is a scraped film evaporator made up of a bronze steam-jacketed tube with a high-speed rotor fitted inside the center. The rotor has hinged blades that wipe the inner surface of the tube. The sugar is spread in a very thin film and is moved through the cooking tube by a combination of gravity and the design of the hinged blades.

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ManufacturerBaker Perkins
Stock Number23334
ProductsCandy, Butterscotch, Milk boils, Toffee
Normal Cooking Range138°C to 160°C (280°F to 320°F) with 0-508mm (0-20 in) vacuum.
PHC refers to the case where a preheater is fitted.
Prefers to machines fitted with a discharge pump.
Vrefers to machines fitted with a vacuum system.
Output400 kg/hr or 880 lb/hr.
Power15.6 kw or 21 hp
Steam Usage140kg/hr or 310 lb/hr