Pactec Nagema EU8 Candy Wrapping Machine


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Packing machine with intermittent mode of operation for the wrapping of hard-boiled sweets in twisted wrapping.

Advantages of the Machine

 Automatic mode of operation

Particularly suited for the application

in packing lines, also directly after the

good production

Great safety of function and extremely

low maintenance

Ideal adaptation to goods and packing material by infinitely variable adjustment of the number of working cycles

High packing quality by infinitely adjustable twisting gripper oscillation from 0 to 10 mm

"The information above is based on the manufacturer's catalog and might be subject to some alterations."


ManufacturerPactec Nagema
Stock Number23315
Working Cycles300 working cycles per minute.
Size RangeSize range Length: 20 to 40 mm Width: 13 to 25 mm Height: 8 to 16 mm Diameter (ball): 16 t0 20 mm (±1mm)