GD 2120 Rapid


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The G.D 2120/RAPID is part of the G.D 2500 “family”, one of the world's most widely used wrapping systems. A vast array of shapes and types of products can be handled MODULAR DESIGN The G.D 2120/RAPID is a modular system for wrapping. WRAPPING MATERIALS According to the wrapping style, the 2120/RAPID can handle: plain and backed aluminum, cellophane, (PVC). Print-centering of the wrap is also possible. An inner print-centered strip can also be used (see photo and wrap- ping diagram). DELICATE HANDLING & WRAP QUALITY Products are handled as gently as possible and the quality of the wraps is impeccable.

"The information above is based on the manufacturer's catalog and might be subject to some alterations."


Stock NumberA181
UsageChocolate wrapping for various shapes, materials, and styles
Capacity180 wraps per minute
Pieces ShapeSquares- rectangles- ovals