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Adjustable high-speed wrapping machine for chocolate bars. Two-stage wrapping, either airtight or semi-airtight Sapal TD Adjustable high-speed machine, built for the two-stage wrapping of plain chocolate bars or for bars with a cream center, nuts or other ingredients, or other rectangular products within the following High-speeding Completely enclosed with automatic lubrication for the cams and all major parts. Direct motors drive supplied with the machine: Push button control (go, Stop, inch). Infinite speed variation during the operation of the machine. Horizontal infeed Conveyor easily removed and cleaned. Special paper feed for high speeds and cut-out if there are no bars to be wrapped. Horizontal discharge device enhances glue adhesion and facilitates boxing. Labels can be reel or stack fed. Wrapping style in two stages First stage Aluminum foil [with semi air-tight wrap(zig-zag). Heat-sealable aluminum foil, with air-tight wrap, heal-sealed. Second stage Outer band or portfolio wrapper, stack fed, with an optional second inner paper pergamyn. Outer band or portfolio wrapper, reel fed, with electronic centering but without a second inner paper. Outer band or portfolio wrapper, reel fed, with electronic centering, with an optional second inner paper pergamyn. Additional season-band, stack, or reel-fed Additional accessories permitting insertion of advertising chromo and/or card stiffener.


Stock Number23265
UsageBar Chocolate Wrapping Machine
OutptUp to 120 wraps per minute for plain chocolate bars Up to 110 wraps per minute for filled chocolate bars. Up to 90 wraps per minute for bars with nuts or other ingredients
Machine Dimension322 x 121 x 170 mm.
Minimum Product sizeMinimum 90 x 40 x 6 mm. or 90x 32x 10 mm
Maximum Product size170 x 90 x 20 mm or 195 x 95 x 16 mm