Carle & Montanari Vermicelli Machine


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Carle & Montanari Chocolate Vermicelli Production Machine Chocolate Vermicelli is known by various names around the world—chocolate strands, sprinkles, and shots being some of the common names. Essentially, it is chocolate that is extruded out of small dies to make same-sized vermicelli as strands. It may be used to decorate cakes and pastries, puddings, ice cream, and other sweets. It adds taste, crunchy texture, and astonishing looks to any dessert. The extruder head is 300 mm. There are three Teflon pressers on the main shaft of the extruder to press chocolate over a sieve. Chocolate passes through a sieve in pours into the cooling tunnel conveyor band. The extruder shaft and conveyor band have independent speed control units.

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ManufacturerCarle & Montanari
Stock NumberM 023
UsageProduction of chocolate Vermicelli/ sprinkles