Ruffinatti TZ40 Candy Pulling Machine


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Sugar-pulling machine TZ.40 This newly designed automatic machine is used for pulling boiled sugar on a Teflon-treated, cooled horizontal table. Procedure: Two Teflon-treated, cooled arms that revolve in a circle at a right angle to the work surface pull the material. These arms plunge into the sugar mass when the machine is turned on, and a third, retractable arm emerges from the middle of the table to hold the mass itself. The pulling action is now started by the rotating arms. The rotating arms move at a speed of 80 rpm. Pulling times are significantly shorter than with typical methods. In addition, they can be controlled by a timer, which stops the machine when the chosen time period has passed.

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Stock Number23260
UsagePull boiled sugar on a cooling table.
CapacityUp to 40 kg per batch