Ruffinatti Color Mixer


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Ruffinatti Color Mixer Mixers ME.70A and ME.70B are used in batch processing lines to incorporate flavors and colors into boiled sugar masses, preventing evaporation. The machine is equipped with a stainless-steel trolley and bowl designed to fit on the lifting device of the kneading machines IM.30H or IM.70. The machine is composed of a column carrying a mixing head and two lifting arms. As the mixer is started, the bowl containing the boiled mass is lifted up to reach the working position, then the mixing arms are automatically operated. Capacity: mixer ME.70A can handle batches from 20 to 40 kg and it is designed to work with IM.30H kneading machines, while the ME.70B can handle batches up to 70 kg and is intended to work with kneading machines IM.70.

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Stock NumberN 143
UsageMixing flavours & colors to sugar masses.
CapacityUp to 60 kg/batch.
Machine dimension100x100x150 cm