Klockner Hansel/ Otto Hansel Vacuum Batch Cooker SKH II


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Universal Vacuum Batch Cooker Used for the cooking of all kinds of hard candies, toffees, soft caramel and jelly masses, candy fillings, jams, etc., and other processes where cooking and vacuuming are required.

Escape of the cooking vapors by means of a vapor outlet pipe. Discharge is adjustable by means of a hand lever with an adjustment scale.

"The information above is based on the manufacturer's catalog and might be subject to some alterations."


ManufacturerKlockner Hansel/ Otto Hansel
Stock Number23263
CapacityFor high boiled sugar: approx. 225 kg/h (495 lbs.) For center fillings: approx. 300 kg/h (660 lbs.)
DriveStirrer speed: 100/50 RPM
Machine dimensionsA 1630 mm 55" B 1350 mm 4'5" C 1365mm 4'6" D 1900 mm 6'3" (Check the last image for the indications about sizes)